About Us – Perfects Home Cleaners Inc. – Exclusive Duct & Residential Commercial Cleaning Services in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Hamilton!

GTA’s No. 1 choice for ALL types of domestic and commercial DUCT cleaning services!

Perfects Home Cleaning Services help their customers since 2012 in improving their Home Air Quality and Sanitizing their Duct System. We disinfect and sanitize the home along with Air Duct System, we use the most effective products and equipment in the market that allow us to kill all germs, bacteria, mold, viruses up to 99.99%.


At Perfects Home Cleaning Services, we are known for our Airduct Cleaning and Sanitization services. However, that is not all we do. We also provide sanitization services to Home and Commercial facilities. The method we use is very similar to those we employ for our duct disinfection and sanitization services, only the equipment and range is larger and more heavy-duty, allowing us to effectively and efficiently spray and Fog residential and commercial buildings. Avail a chance to have both services done in one visit and get your house and vents to be disinfected at the same time.

" From school buildings to corporate offices to small businesses, homes, vehicles and more, we can help you. Your staff and members of the community feel confident that you are making their health a priority."


We sanitize and disinfect all your premises and focus on High-touched surfaces. All viruses spread via droplets which can survive from hours to few days on different surfaces.

The disinfectant spray can remarkably deactivate the viruses on different surfaces. This Disinfectant service is useful to remove surface-bound viruses. Get better hygiene and a low chance of contacting the COVID-19.


Our mission is to provide the best practice of all cleaning services. We also looked at the potential demand for a "detail attending, to the point and classy" cleaning service throughout the land. We decided to expand our services to more people. And here we are, reaching out to you. We were welcome with our customers with our quality of work. We hope we are welcome at your place too!


Need Cleaning? We’ve got you covered. Life is made for living. Not cleaning. Perfect Home Cleaners is a Toronto based business with an eye for detail & a bizarre love of duct cleaning.

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